I hate anon haters, but people sometimes deserve it. that ninyaden did, she said honestly spiteful things and blow her own horn, what she think and how she feel, but never care about other people's feeling. pity her and the rest, they all like calling the haters to their door just to argue with someone. used to be her follower but not anymore, I couldn't tolerate her arrogance any longer :(congrats you can, even against all odds! you must be a very tolerate and caring person, I respect that

I don’t think anyone deserves anon hate. Me personally, I feel no one should get hate unless they have done something utterly unforgivable, and stating an opinion on a personal blog, ranting, is not… unforgivable ^^; And I don’t like hate, which is why I said something.

((I appreciate your compliment, nonners. I wish you would’ve spoken off anon though. I don’t publish users messages, only anons or if a user has a question regarding my posts.))

Life’s too short to focus on things you hate ^^


horror games are such an adventure


lmaoo accurate af

When people try to talk to you while the professor is talking.

On Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, I named my female Piplup, Aveline, and my partner Chimchar, Connor.

Crossovers ftw

ellie’s pun humor | part 1





The only acceptable birthday cake

Yeah, kill charmander to make a wish